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[ Shareholders' Meeting | 2023 ] unitech Approves Cash Dividend of NT$0.67 per Share and Conducts Comprehensive Election as Directors' Terms Expire

Unitech electronics (TWSE: 3652) held 2023 annual shareholders' meeting today (June 16th), where the following main matters were approved:

  1. Approval of the 2022 operating report and financial statements. The company's consolidated global operating revenue for the 2022 reached NT$2,350,259 thousand, with a net profit after tax of NT$91,437 thousand and earnings per share of NT$1.21. Compared to the 2021, the net profit after tax grew by 76.3%.

  2. Approval of the distribution of cash dividends to shareholders amounting to NT$50,343,310. Based on the current calculation of outstanding shares, a cash dividend of NT$0.67 per share will be distributed, with the dividend record date to be determined by the Chairman.

  3. As the terms of the directors expire after a 3-year tenure, a comprehensive election was held to fill 11 director seats, including 4 independent directors. The elected individuals are as follows:
    Directors: 葉佳紋、葉國筌、陳榮輝、李英新、葉明翰、葉柏君、王國璋
    Independent Directors: 蘇  亮、景虎士、劉佑國、何寶中

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