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Unlocking Advanced Barcode Management: Introducing ScanBridge Keyboard Function with SL220


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What Is ScanBridge Keyboard?

ScanBridge Keyboard is a virtual keyboard tool that effortlessly links your iPhone/iPad with the SL220 iOS Sled Scanner, streamlining the process of barcode data collection and providing shortcuts for editing rules within the general keyboard usage. This function negates the necessity for app-switching, facilitating direct application use within any chosen app on your iOS device, enhancing workflow efficiency without the need to juggle multiple apps or software solutions.



Why Use ScanBridge Keyboard?

The ScanBridge Keyboard is designed to streamline your barcode data management process by integrating scanning functionality directly into your business application on an iPhone/iPad, thereby significantly boosting efficiency. Traditional barcode scanning solutions often necessitate additional software development and integration for post-scan data utilization. With the ScanBridge Keyboard, the entire process of barcode scanning and data collection is simplified, thus saving valuable time and reducing effort.



The Advantages of ScanBridge Keyboard with SL220

Using the ScanBridge Keyboard in conjunction with the SL220 offers several advantages to iPhone users:


1. Unmatched Convenience for On-the-Go Scanning

The ScanBridge Keyboard with SL220 enables direct scanning and editing within any app on your iPhone/iPad, offering unmatched convenience.

2. Simplified Barcode Data Capture

It eliminates the need for complex software integration, thereby simplifying the barcode data capture process.

3. Flexible Editing for Various Work Environments

Offers the flexibility to switch between different editing rules to cater to various work environments.

4. Versatility Across Industries

Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, facilitating integration into business processes such as inventory management and point of sale.




In conclusion, the ScanBridge Keyboard, particularly when paired with the SL220, revolutionizes the way businesses manage barcode data, offering a seamless, efficient, and versatile solution for iPhones and iPads. Its ability to integrate directly into any application and simplify data capture and editing processes significantly enhances productivity. This innovative tool is indispensable for industries looking to optimize their barcode scanning and data management workflows.



Enjoy ScanBridge Keyboard with Unitech Product!



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