Bluetooth® Streaming Audio — Vehicles w/out Navi

Audio can be streamed (A2DP, AVRCP) from a user’s Bluetooth® phone that has a digital audio (MP3) player. AVRCP available if supported by phone.

To stream music from a Bluetooth® device:
Bluetooth enabled device must be paired in order to stream music.

1. Press the CD button several times to switch to Bluetooth® Audio mode.

The input mode changes from CD → USB → Bluetooth® Audio every time the CD button is pressed.

The music should begin playing automatically.

Note: Some music players require that the music be activated on the device first.

The device can be controlled via the audio head unit to pause, play, skip, move forward and backward in music tracks.

Song information displayed on the audio head unit includes: Title / Artist / Album / Genre (if device supports AVRCP 1.3).