Multi-View Camera (Multi Around View)

NOTE: Full details of system operation are found in the Owner's Manual.

Designed to assist the driver in parking the vehicle, the Multi-View Camera displays composite views from four cameras on the Smartphone Link Display Audio (SDA) screen. With the ignition/POWER switch ON, the driver can choose the following views.
• Bird’s Eye
• Front
• Rear
• Right Side (passenger)

When the gear selector is placed in Reverse, the rear camera shows the area directly behind the
vehicle on the left side of the display. By pressing the MVC control switch, the right side image changes from Bird’s Eve view to Right Side view. Pressing the switch again changes the image back to Bird’s Eye view. Unless MVC is switched OFF, images remain on the SDA screen as long as Reverse is selected regardless of time or vehicle speed.

In selector positions other than Reverse, the front camera will show the view directly in front of the vehicle on the left side of the display when the MVC control switch is pressed. Similar to Reverse, pressing the control switch changes the image displayed on the right from Bird’s Eye view to Right Side view. Pressing the control switch a third time exits MVC. SDA returns to whatever display was active before MVC was used.