Operating w/FAST Key

There is an emergency key built into the FAST key. If the FAST key will not operate (when the FAST key or vehicle battery become discharged) the emergency key can be used to lock and unlock the doors, and to start the engine.


To use the emergency key, slide the knob on the back of the FAST key to unlock and remove it from the FAST key. Use the emergency key as you would a traditional key to lock and unlock the vehicle doors. For the 2011 Outlander with One touch Start System (OSS) you must also place the fob into a receiver found in the glove box, prior to attempting to emergency start the vehicle.

Only use the emergency key if the FAST key fails to operate. When the battery of the FAST key becomes discharged, replace the battery as soon as possible and return to using the FAST key to access and operate the vehicle.

The glove compartment can only be locked and unlocked with the emergency key. When leaving the key with a valet, remove the emergency key and provide only the FAST key.


To prevent vehicle theft, only the emergency key with the pre-registered FAST key inserted can start the engine (Electronic immobilizer function). The emergency key can be used to operate all electrical accessories without the FAST key.

For more information, refer to “To Operate without Using the FAST key” in the vehicle Owner’s Manual.