Overview of Mitsubishi Services

Mitsubishi Motors' top quality engineering and manufacturing operations make your vehicle one of the best built in the industry. However, quality does not eliminate the need for proper scheduled maintenance. Vehicle maintenance is an important, yet frequently neglected item. Your Warranty and Maintenance Manual specifies that maintenance must be completed at certain times and mileages in order to assure the proper functioning of the emission control system. Proper maintenance will also help to maintain the high level of performance that has been engineered into your Mitsubishi, and will guard against major repair expenses that may result from neglect. Damage resulting from the lack of, or improper maintenance is not covered under warranty. By regularly performing the required maintenance on your vehicle, you will continue to protect your investment for many years to come.

Your authorized Mitsubishi Dealership is in the best position to provide ongoing service to your vehicle. They have specialized tools, equipment, and factory-trained Technicians who know your Mitsubishi best. Your Dealership will assist you in matching a maintenance schedule with your driving habits and local driving conditions, to make certain it meets your needs. They are committed to your complete satisfaction.