Timing Belt / Timing Chain


Not only does your vehicle’s overall performance depend on proper maintenance, but the continued proper functioning of the emissions control system depends on it. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain their vehicle in accordance with the maintenance schedules shown in the vehicle’s warranty and maintenance manual. Warranty coverage may be denied if proper maintenance and/or the applicable maintenance schedule (Regular or Severe) is not followed. Having your vehicle maintained at an authorized Mitsubishi dealer also provides a record of your maintenance should your vehicle ever require a warranty repair.


In an engine, it’s the valves that allow air into and exhaust gasses out of the combustion chamber. The valves are actuated by the cam shaft(s), which are connected to the crankshaft via the timing belt or timing chain. The operation of the valves must be perfectly timed to ensure proper engine performance.

Engine Protection

A broken timing belt will cause the engine to immediately stop running. Without the valves and the pistons working in proper time there is the possibility they will come in contact with each other, resulting in expensive engine damage.

A timing chain is made of steel, similar to a bicycle chain, and runs inside the engine and lubricated with engine oil. Timing chains don't break but can stretch when oil change intervals are not followed. Valve timing is altered when a timing chain stretches which can cause poor engine performance or a "no start" condition.

Genuine Mitsubishi timing belts are designed to provide tens of thousands of trouble-free miles. Some non-genuine timing belts may not have the correct tooth profiles or even the exact dimensions. Mitsubishi belts are made of special materials that resist oil and engine heat. And their high tensile-strength construction minimizes stretch. The loss of a timing belt could even result in an entire engine replacement, which is why it is important that only Genuine Mitsubishi timing belts are used. And your factory-authorized Mitsubishi service technician is trained to ensure that your idler or tensioner pulley is operating correctly as well. If your timing belt is replaced and used in conjunction with a faulty pulley, a premature breakage can occur.

Inspection Schedule

Mitsubishi recommends that you check the maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s timing belt replacement schedule.