Trip information can be viewed and set.

1. Press the [INFO] key and touch [Trip].

The trip screen is displayed. Average speed, average fuel economy, and instant fuel economy information can be viewed.

2. Touch [∨]

The 2/3 trip screen is displayed. Distance to empty, distance driven after refueling, and driving time can be viewed.

3. Touch [∨]
The 3/3 trip screen is displayed. Lap time can be measured.


Two rest modes are available:

Auto Rest Mode automatically resets the average speed and average fuel economy, four hours after the ignition switch is turned OFF.

Manual Reset Mode allows items to be rest when desired.


1. Display the 1/3 Trip screen.

2. Touch[Manual].

Auto Reset Mode is changed to manual Rest Mode.

Touch [Auto] to return to Auto Reset Mode.

Touch [Reset] to reset the average speed and average fuel economy (in either Auto or Manual mode).