Windshield Washer

NOTE: Full details of system operation are found in the Owner's Manual.

The windshield washer can be operated with the ignition switch or the operation mode in ON or ACC. The washer fluid will be sprayed onto the windshield by pulling the lever toward you. When the wipers are not in operation or in intermittent operation, by pulling the lever toward you, the wipers will operate several times while the washer fluid is being sprayed.

Intelligent Washer
When the windshield washer lever is pulled quickly, the washer discharge is timed to avoid striking the wiper blade. After the washer lever is activated quickly,
• Washer discharges for 0.5 seconds.
• Washer discharges 4 times while the wipers cycle twice.
• Wiper cycles for 3 seconds.

If the washer lever is pulled for a longer time, the washer acts as usual.