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2024-02-02 Case Study

Transformed Urban Parking Management with Unitech Mobile Computers


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Transform urban parking management and elevate government agency business processes to the next level with Unitech Mobile Computers. Let's dive into our case study!


A government agency, struggling with manual ticketing errors and inefficiency, revolutionized its parking management with Unitech's #PA768 Mobile Computer. The device boasts advanced 1D and 2D barcode scanners, Android 12 OS, and IP65 & IP68 durable design for urban environments. This strategic move streamlined parking operations, significantly cut costs, and reduced the number of parking disputes.


Optimize your parking management with Unitech Mobile Computer and enjoy the following benefits:

✔️ Substantial savings in operational costs

✔️ Marked improvements in parking management accuracy and efficiency

✔️ Drastic reduction of manual data entry errors

✔️ Enhanced detection of vehicle-related issues

✔️ Fewer parking disputes and smoother resolution

✔️ Support for license plate photo recognition and capturing in low light conditions



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